“No Problem Mon!” and a very happy Monday morning to you all. My apologies for not posting a blog last week (for those that noticed) but it appears that I may have still been on “island time!” as I was just returning from a quick trip to Jamaica. Actually last week was full of delightful commitments and obligations and I realized that putting something out early in the week was just not going to happen. It is the first time since starting my “Miss-Adventures” that I have not posted a weekly blog. More importantly, the very real reason for the delay was a dear friend of mine went into labor last Monday morning and I headed to Nashville to photograph the delivery. I am happy to say that Joshua and Ginger are the very proud parents of a baby boy, Lincoln King Smith. It was an amazing and euphoric experience for me to be asked to be part of it.

Two weeks ago I was torn between the fears and concerns I had for all of my friends living in Florida with Hurricane Irma approaching and with that concern, knowing I was headed to the Caribbean for a long awaited trip to Jamaica. My anguish included the fact that friends I was meeting in Jamaica were traveling from Tampa Bay and Pensacola. We were headed to the island to meet up with my dear friends Chris and Valentina in Montego Bay to celebrate her 40th birthday. As luck would have it they got stuck in Tampa for a couple of extra days while my guest, Marina and I made it to the island on Monday as scheduled. The good news was Chris and “V” finally made it in on Wednesday and we were able to finish out the week in a very celebratory fashion. Their late arrival gave Marina and I a couple of days to “scout the area” for their arrival and determine a few prime shooting locations.  

It was my first time trip to Jamaica and a Sandals resort and I must say they really know how to treat you right. The resort and the hospitality were first class. Every question was met with a “no problem or absolutely” response! We stayed at the Royal Caribbean and the resort is one of the newest for Sandals. The property included a private island that showcased a collection of premium bungalows that, when viewed from the air formed a heart shape. At night the water glistened from the lights below the residences.

As I said previously our trip was centered around celebrating “V’s” birthday and one of my birthday tasks was the difficult responsibility of documenting this “island girls” celebration. I met Valentina and Chris while I was a photography workshop instructor. Chris was attending as a student while Valentina attended as a model and makeup artist. We have maintained a very close and endearing friendship. Two years ago I was able to head to Florida when Valentina was pregnant and shoot her maternity photographs. Now I had the absolute pleasure to be part of another milestone for “V” and Chris. Photographing her was a “difficult task” but someone had to do it starting with her tribute to Jamaica in her island colors.

It goes without saying that the last two weeks have been a wonderful mixture of trials and tribulations that run the gamut of anxiety to euphoria. I look back to the trip to Jamaica and think it must have been a dream but I know that I have the images to prove it wasn’t.

I am very elated to say that Hurricane Irma spared the state of Florida the unimaginable devastation that was predicted, we escaped to the Caribbean to celebrate a milestone with great friends and I came home in time to witness the birth of a new baby boy. All in all I would say it was a very eventful and amazing two weeks for me and my photographic passion! Enjoy!!!