The First of 2022 !

A very happy but very cold Monday morning to you all. It appears that 2022 has decided it will not be overshadowed by all that took place in 2021 but rather has decided to be announced in full fashion. We are heading in to just the third week of January and the Alabama weather has been all over the board. Two weeks ago we went from 70 degrees to severe tornadic weather, and then if that was not enough we dipped into the 20’s and saw our very first snow storm in the new year. There is an old saying, “if you do not like the Alabama weather, wait a day it will definitely change!” Given that we are in the midst of another winter storm I would venture say that 2022 is going to be another very interesting year.

Like most anyone with a phone or more importantly, those of us that own a camera and make a living at it, the first snow was a sight to behold and I can assure you, well documented. My friends in the north laugh at how excited us Alabama southerners get but unlike them we do not see snow that often. Knowing that it would be short lived I packed my vehicle the night before, got up at the crack of dawn, and headed out on my winter adventure. For anyone that knows me, getting up that early is a major event for me. I decided to start my day begin by going at the USSRC, then head downtown and from there I would make my way to Cummings Research Park.  After what I call my “commercial photo tour” I would make a decision on what the rest of the day had to offer not knowing how long the view and snow would remain.

As anticipated, the snow was not as deep in areas as I had hoped for but it was thick enough in areas to cling to the trees and lay solid white blanket on the ground. My next stop was Big Spring Park and City Hall.

After exploring all the park had to offer, I decided it was time to take a break, grab a warm cup of coffee and take a much needed visit to the “el bano” at the AC Hotel. Once refreshed, I headed west to Cummings Research Park where I have always have found the opportunity to capture great images with the juxtaposition of the many different architectural structures laden with snow and no better place to start than the Adtran Campus and it’s majestic buildings. the thick snow had found the perfect cradle in the tress surrounding the East campus.

In every tree the snow clung to the branches with a tell tale sign that the storm had come in from the north west. Every tree became its on special canvas of winter art.

With the sun breaking though the clouds and anticipating that the sun was going to set soon, I headed back downtown with the hope to capture one last view of the city with all of its’ beauty bathed in a light blanket of snow. The view from the AC Hotel was worth the price of admission and it did not disappoint. It was the perfect closure to a cold but very picturesque and pleasurable winter wonderland tour of the city.

It is my hope and desire to be “more visible” with my photography in 2022. Look to hear and see more from some of my memorable adventures from 2021 as well as what 2022 will have to offer.
Many have asked if my images are for sale and the resounding answer is YES! My stock images can be licensed for use for all editorial, commercial and social media as well as for wall art for private and corporate display. i was very honored last year to have Steve Maples and his staff at the VBC select a collection of my images to go on display in the new Artist VIP backstage area at the Propst arena. It was a huge honor and very gratifying to see my imagery selected to highlight the city for all the visitors coming to the city.
All you have to do is Call! ENJOY!!!

Keep us in mind for any future photographic assignments!!!
Have camera … awaiting your call…. I do love to travel!!!!