It has been a few days since we last got together! A very happy Monday to you all and the Arts are back.  It was 2019 when Panoply made its last appearance and it was great to have it back it all of its colorful pageantry this pat weekend. Hoping for the best in weather and giving all due consideration for covid concerns this years event was a beautiful mini-panoply!

The festival opened Friday evening with an enthusiastic crowd that came downtown looking forward to getting back to some normalcy, to the arts and to hearing the musicians that included crowd favorites, the Lamont Landers Band and War and Treaty. As night fell on the city the park came alive with the wonderful sights and sounds that Panoply is known for. The evening closed out with an exceptional fireworks show emanating from the east side of the park.

As Panoply has gotten to be known for, Saturday afternoon did not disappoint and was met with a thunderstorm that closed the event down but a few hours but as time went on they reopened. With Saturday closing out, Sunday was met with a most exceptional day and a favorable crowd who had come out to enjoy the downtown festivities. The Panoply weekend ended up on a beautiful high note and we are so glad it is back! Looking forward to 2022!





As great as it was to have Panoply return to Downtown Huntsville, what made the weekend even more special was getting to celebrate the 75th Birthday of local blues legend, Microwave Dave Gallaher. Dave who normally closes out the Panoply weekend found himself doing what he does oh so well on most Sundays, playing for the brunch crowd at Humphreys Bar & Grill. I would like to think that our attendance and celebration was a total surprise to him but like any professional he did not let on and played his gig as if it were just another day, a true professional!!

Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Dave “Microwave Dave” Gallaher!

Glad to have the Arts and Music live in the city!