Good Morning. My hope is that this note finds you doing well and that you and you families are safe and healthy. We are not out of the woods yet but as our cities, states and country attempts to re-open please stay diligent about your health and for all of those around you.

Over the past few of months our city has struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic that has gripped the state and the country and as such our city and its residents have done everything that was asked of us. Shelter at home, wear masks, avoid any physical contact and only go out when it was necessary. In doing do, our town was sparred the heartache and medical trauma that many larger cities experienced. I do not see it like we were rewarded for good behavior but rather our residents bonded together for the betterment of our community following all the guidelines that were suggested by the CDC and out city leaders. We saw daily briefings from our medical and civic leaders that provided updates that were beneficial that informed and helped us make the best decisions for our health and welfare.

Ours is a beautiful city with a rich heritage of embracing challenges and bringing the community together. On May 15, the first weekend that the city was to reopen for business, I decided to venture out and capture the essence and beauty of our wonderful city and what a beautiful city it is.

I have titled the image, “Coming out of the Darkness” and will be making the image available for purchase for Corporate and Private collection. The panoramic view of the city was taken from the south side looking north and reflects the majesty of the city as it comes alive for the first weekend. Many thanks to Randy Shoe and the staff at the AC Hotel.

You can go to my website – – for more information regarding how to order the limited-edition art piece including the varying sizes, finishing and pricing. I am truly excited about the cityscape and the opportunity to showcase our beautiful city in this stunning view of the city that we affectionately call, “Space City U.S.A.”

When it comes to Huntsville, the city is a sparkling diamond in the ruff!

ENJOY, but while you do, continue to practice social distancing and please be safe!