Good Morning. It has been a beautiful week in the neighborhood but we are not out of the woods yet. The virus is on the rise so  please stay diligent about your health and for all of those around you.

This past week there were beautiful days with spring like weather and beautiful evening that offered beautiful vistas with amazing sunsets. I was fortunate enough  to be out and about this week on a couple of occasions that took my breath away. One evening I was coming out of meeting at Lowe Mill and noticed there was an exceptional blanket of clouds and thought this may be a great night to go sunset chasing.

I was at Lowe Mill because we, the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation have been working with Danny and Susan Davis at the Tangled String Studios to developed a virtual concert for our signature outdoor community fundraiser Microwave Dave Day. We were preparing to host our 6th annual music festival this coming Sunday, June 28 when we realized the corona virus had taken hold months ago and made us realize that the idea of having an outdoor festival was just not going to happen. We decided to we had to change horses in the middle of the stream and take the music indoors, record our artists in a safe and social distancing way and put together and exceptional music festival that will air on our YouTube on Sunday beginning at 3:00 PM. If you have been to a Microwave Dave Day you know how wonderful it is for our community so come join us on-line at our You Tube channel!

But I must regress because I was talking about the beautiful days and once I left Lowe Mill I headed over the Brahan Springs to catch the “light” and what a simply amazing sight it was. Another beautiful gift from God. It was, given all that we are dealing with, simply an oasis filled full of a breath of fresh air. I sat in amazement at his glory.

Ours is a beautiful city and in my last newsletter I mention that on May 15, the first weekend that the city was to reopen for business, I ventured out to capture the essence and beauty of our wonderful city. I titled the image, “Coming out of the Darkness” and have offered it for purchase for Corporate and Private collection. The panoramic view of the city was taken from the south side looking north and reflects the majesty of the city as it comes alive for the first weekend. If you are looking for a keepsake piece of art of the city You can go to my website – – for more information. When it comes to Huntsville, we are truly blessed.

ENJOY, but while you do, continue to practice social distancing and please be safe!