A very joyful Wednesday to you all! It looks like we may be seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. My hope is that the light will grow even brighter and in due time we will be turning a corner for a better future of health and happiness. Until then, stay the course and be safe!

Over the past few of weeks we have heard and learned a lot about the frontline personnel that have been working many dedicated hours in helping those that have come down with the Corona virus and in doing so have put themselves at risk and in harms way. The country owes them all a debt of gratitude and as much as possible that gratitude has been expressed in many forms. We have seen the generosity of others feeding them. We have heard the applause from the grateful acknowledging them and we have seen the many tributes to them including aerial flyovers by our military. We have seen the beauty in what most consider a dark time in our history.

Last week an Air National Guard C-130tanker from the 187th Fighter Wing flew over many of the cities of northern Alabama to offer tribute to the many men and women on the frontline fighting this pandemic. Although it was not the spectacle put on by the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds in larger cities, it was a memorable tribute to all of our first responders as the plane flew over the city and above Huntsville Hospital.

This past week has offered a little ray of hope with the Governor giving her node to start reopening the state. Many are in agreement that the time for doing so is now as well as many that still believe we do not know enough about the virus to know exactly what we have in store for us. I can only hope that we all practice social indulgence in respecting each and every one’s personal decisions and beliefs. We have an iconic monument in this city that reflects and epitomizes the hope and dreams of a past generation and their belief that our future shines bright. I find solace in seeing it every time I pass by.

As for what tomorrow has to offer, only time will tell but until then it may be best to look to the heavens and see what beauty we behold today.