As most weeks find me, I am on the road again this week instructing at a photographic workshop in Pittsfield, IL. Pittsfield is one of those beautiful mid-western communities that has a photographic opportunity in every bend of the road.

For four days in June, for the past 8 years, I have found myself somewhere in America assisting with a photographic workshop as an instructor. The workshops are designed to educate and elevate aspiring photographers of all levels in improving their photographic skills in glamour, fashion and portrait photography. To facilitate the process, beautiful models of all experience levels are used as subjects in very scenic locations’. What ultimately occurs during the course of these events is that “light bulbs” go off and great friendships are formed. We have students that have attended numerous events and continue to do so. As instructors we have formed bonds with  instructors whose work we have admired for years and now share friendships of respect that go beyond our professional admiration. Those bonds I hold very near and dear and feel myself very fortunate to have met and now call “friend”

With all the beauty that surrounded me over the past four days, I continue to find myself in awe of the beauty of the country side. As I sat and watched each photographer capture the beauty of the model in front of him one thing continually caught my eye as to say I am waiting for my turn. A field of lilies stood off to the side glowing the afternoon sun. And for a brief moment I saw the beauty and felt the need to accommodate their request for their moment in the sun.

I offer up one image from my brief photographic session of a beautiful and sensual Stargazer Lilly.

Stargazer Lilly

As I head home I look forward to the challenges ahead of me and to the one beauty that awaits me. If you find yourself in need of a stock shot or have an assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards