Back home for a few days and then I am headed out again. The only way I know I am sleeping in my bed is that I do not receive a wake up call in the morning.

One of the wonderful things I enjoy about writing my blog is getting responses from those individuals brave enough to actually let me know that they have read the blog. Last weeks was unusual in that the replies were not so much about the beauty of the image but rather that my skills at identifying flowers were a little lacking. The flower that I had labeled as a Stargazer Lily was actually (I think) an Orange Triumph Lily unless my sources are wrong again. So much for me wanting to be a horticulturalist but so great that there are actually one or two people out there in “blog land” not asleep at the wheel.

With all the travels I do and all the side roads I take there is nothing more wonderful than coming home. And as drive the last few miles to my house, I find comfort in the surroundings that are familiar and let me know I am getting close.  For those that live in the country those familiar surroundings could very well be the road leading home to the family homestead that has been traveled by friends and generations of family before them. The dirt or gravel road lined with trees that helps guide them home is a very comforting hello.

I have had the pleasure to travel such a road more than once to visit friends and each time I travel it I feel a bit of comfort and serenity in knowing that for some ……. this road leads home.

Country Roads

I look forward to another great week ahead of me and I hope the same awaits you. If you find yourself in need of a stock shot or have an assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards