Panoply 2021

PANOPLY 2021 It has been a few days since we last got together! A very happy Monday to you all and the Arts are back.  It was 2019 when Panoply made its last appearance and it was great to have it back it all of its colorful pageantry this pat weekend. Hoping for the best [...]

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Tinsel Trail 2020

Hello and Happy Holidays. If you live in Huntsville it would be hard not to recognize that it is “that time of year” again.  For us, the holiday tradition begins with decorated Christmas trees finding their way out of the living room and into the outdoors. Downtown Huntsville becomes the best of everyone’s living room. [...]

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A Ray of Sunshine

Good Morning to you all. I would imagine that the majority of you are at home, enjoying your family time and practicing “social distancing”!! As such, I’m hopeful you are still getting your mail forwarded to you. We are definitely in a time of uncertainty with the anxiety and fear of the Corona Virus pandemic [...]

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Panoply 2019

A very happy Tuesday to you all. It was Panoply weekend and for so many past years the event has best been known for rain and severe weather but for the second year in a row, this weekend was the prefect example of what makes this festival and this city so wonderful when the weather [...]

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Twinkle Trail

It is two for Tuesday and my sincere apologies for not getting my Monday morning blog out on Monday. I believe I was still in shock and suffering from severe potential heart trauma from Saturday nights SEC Championship game between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama. It was a college football game [...]

2018-12-03T23:51:37-05:00December 4th, 2018|My Miss-Adventures|

Hip-Pity Hop

A very happy Monday to each and every one of you. It was glorious fall like weekend in the neighborhood! There was so much going on this past weekend in Huntsville that you needed a scorecard and a calendar to attempt to keep up with everything. If you found your self downtown it was hard not [...]

2018-10-22T08:49:25-05:00October 22nd, 2018|My Miss-Adventures|
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