A very happy Monday morning to you all and my thoughtful wishes on Martin Luther King Day. I hope that after a week of January winter weather you were able to get out over the weekend and enjoy the warmth and the sunshine! The biggest challenge for me, going forward, is knowing that we still have 8th months of waiting for College football to start.

January is generally a fairly slow month for me so I spend a fair amount of time putting the previous year behind me and getting things in place for the upcoming year. I spend a good amount of time congratulating clients on surviving the holidays and offer conciliatory compliments for having to be back at work. I am not sure it does any good. With the weather the way it was with the cold and rain it was an easy choice to spend time indoors.

I realized by the end of the week I was getting “Cabin Fever” ! I decided to do a little road trippin around the area to see what I could find to point my cameras at and dust off the cob webs – both on the cameras and on me. One of my “go to” road trips is heading east on 72 towards Scottsboro. I always seem to find something that catches my eye. Just south of Scottsboro around Paint Rock there is an old railroad river bridge that always grabs my attention. Generally my timing is not always the best for photography but I think on this trip I was a little closer to the magic hour.


As I looked at the bridge I felt a real tinge for my fine art and realized that it would be best if it were presented in black and white. With the baron nature of winter and the age of the bridge it was the perfect translation. As luck would have it, a horn sounded announcing an on coming train. I made haste to the train tracks hoping I may be able to capture the train at the most opportune moment. Luckily for me it was far enough off away to give me ample time to do so. Have Camera, Will Travel!!!!! Enjoy!!!!


Best Regards,