Good Morning to you all from Huntsville, Alabama. With coffee in hand I wish you a wonderful week ahead. It appears though that we might be in store for another artic blast.

Last week I found myself traveling to Pensacola Beach to do a photography assignment. I had looked at the weather reports but paid little attention to the predictions of potential ice and snow because, after all, it is Florida, Sunny Florida. As I arrived in the panhandle my client called to say the shoot was still on but it did appear that many in the area were taking the threat of inclement winter weather very serious. My shoot went as scheduled on Tuesday and my game plan was to spend the evening on the island and head home on Wednesday. Little did I know when I woke to the sunrise on Wednesday morning that the island had been blanketed with a dusting of snow and up to 2 inches of ice. The morning news alerted me to the severity of the storm and to the fact that both bridges to the island were closed to traffic. It became apparent that I was to be stranded on the island with everyone else that had not departed the night before.


As I watched the morning news I realized that both I-10 and I-65 were affected with severe weather and road conditions. With the island covered in a layer of ice and snow I opted to make the best of it and do what any photographer would do. It was fairly surreal, being at the beach and driving around capturing the combination of snow, sand and ice. It was a photographers dream but a Florida traveler’s nightmare! As the sun set on day 1, I traversed the island looking for a place that might be open to grab a bite. I soon realized that “no one off meant no one on!” The only thing open was a local pizza shop run by locals that lived on the island.


The bridges finally opened late Thursday but knowing that there were still significant issues with the road conditions I opted to not risk the drive north and stay to enjoy an additional day of “photo road-trippin”. As I said it was an incredible sight to see, even more so to experience. With the sun setting on day 2 and people making their way back onto the island I realized that there was an up side to it all. I had two days of exceptional photographic opportunities but more importantly, I was going to be able to hang out one more night at my favorite PB seafood restaurant, Peg Leg Petes!

As I watched the sun rise on day 3, I packed by gear and headed north. While I drove the highways north I could only think, was this all a dream? Thank GOD I had photographs to refresh my memory.

On one more significant note, all three photographs appearing in this weeks blog were shot, not with my professional digital cameras but rather with my new iPhone 5s. I would like to think that is not the gear but the vision of the artist that captures the definitive moment! ENJOY!!!!!


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“Have iPhone, will iTravel!!”

Best Regards …..