With all that has happen in Haiti and the prevalent TV coverage, it is been difficult for most to focus on much else. I trust that we all have taken pause and given thought to not only what we can do to assist but to also give thanks for those that are living.

While driving to Nashville recently, I noticed a series of beautiful cascading ice formations on the mountain cut thru’s on I-65. As I passed by the first couple, I thought how majestic the ice formations were. It gave me pause to think just how many times had I witnessed Mother Natures “natural art” on my many winter trips to Nashville and not stopped to capture the beauty. Each and every year I have passed by, I thought what a beautiful photograph it would make but never felt comfortable enough to stop along the interstate. The thought of speeding semis passing by within inches and the potential of becoming  a “hood ornament” can be a very negative and daunting thought to the creative process.

I am not sure exactly what the difference was this year, but the urge to stare passing bumpers in the face took over. Of course it was not as death defying as it might appear.  While traveling south I noticed a rest area with a series of ice formations close to the re-entry road to I-65.  Maturity (old age) does have a way of taking away some of the thrill to walk on the wild side but it can provide you with the necessary experience and thought process to let you see how to  “walk semi close” to the wild side. It felt empowering to “stare death in the face”, so I chose to stop a couple more times, always taking notice of the passing Semi’s.

So with that said, I give you one of Mother Natures’ wonderful winter creations … a natural ice sculpture.

As I indicated last week ……

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From the semi-frozen tundra of  Tennessee …

~ dK~