A very happy Tuesday morning to you all.  What an exceptional Labor Day weekend to close out the summer season. I would hope that each and everyone of you were able to get together with family and friends and spend some quality time grilling out, spending time on the water or catching that last bit of sand between your toes at the beach.

Labor Day weekend has always held special memories for me and as I have gotten older those memories continue to grow. Like most Americans it was a weekend closely associated with travel and being with my Dad and family. With the passing of Dad this year those memories have become very dear.

I was fortunate enough to spend my Labor Day weekend with a few of my “extended family” on the water in Counce, Mississippi at the Grand Harbor Marina.  My dear friend Judy Larson had her boat moved over to the marina to begin the process of selling it and we felt it would be fitting to give it a proper send off. Most people may know Counce in a more fitting term as Iuka or Pickwick. Being my very first visit to the area, I must say that I was extremely impressed. A major “Florida resort” type facility in the back woods boarding Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. When you are in the area give Frank a call to take you to Freddy T’s and ask for “Help me Rhonda”, the waitress. We did not spend a lot of time trying to sell the boat but hopefully we made an impression of the people we did meet.


Prior to leaving for the weekend I took the opportunity to head downtown and catch the largest Gold Wing and Motorcycle Touring rally in the world aptly titled “Wind Ding!” Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on the city with all shapes, styles and configurations of motorcycles. My Dad was a rider and I can remember siting on the back of his BMW and holding on for dear life. Although I never caught the bug to ride I do still appreciate the beauty of the machine. One of the more interesting and comical aspects of these riders is there tag along mascot. As you strolled though the maze of vehicles they sit contently on the back of the bike watching over the proceedings.


What a glorious site it was and what an amazing event that has come to our city.  It is hard not to be overwhelmed by all the bikes parked side by side in the street. On this Labor Day weekend, I thought it is very fitting that many of the riders display a multitude of flags but most are displayed in tribute and honor the weekend that pays respect to our veterans. Happy Trails!!!!!


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