I left Nashville as the snow began to fall and headed straight for, as Chris Berman from ESPN would say, the “Frozen Tundra!” Most that knew me said, “What are you thinking?” I was trading in the mid-teens and 20’s for the single digit and minus below temperatures of Chicago and Peoria. The invitation of instructing at a workshop, good friends and SUSHI was just too good an offer to turn down…..why not?

As I flew into Chicago-Midway I was a little anxious having heard all of the stories related to the snow and traffic.  As I traveled west I realized that the roads were manageable and the many inches of snow was everywhere but on the highways.  Heading to Peoria and out into the farmlands of Illinois, I began to take in all of the majestic beauty of the snow covered country side. Camera in hand and a little extra time for exploring, I got off the freeway and headed on to the side ways and by ways.  Every curve I took offered a new vista with a new photographic opportunity. I felt like a Florida kid (which I am) that had just been given the keys to a candy store. SO much snow … SO little time!!!!  The jewel of the journey was finding the city of Odell with historic Route 66 and its massive fields of windmills, farms and historic gas stations and to my delight …. All covered in snow!!!!! It did not seem to bother me that the temperatures where in single digits until I jumped out of the car with no jacket, gloves or hat. Can you tell I do not SNOW well?

On my return to Chicago, I had the opportunity to take a little time to tour the big city and consume, orally and visually, all that the city had to offer including Chicago style Hot Dogs and SUSHI! Of course the best thing visually about the city, the skyline view with snow from Lake Michigan!!! It was the “icing” on the trip! 

Two great things that have happened recently for me worth mentioning
A) I was featured in an article in Dimensions Weekly Magazine.

B) I published a book of my first year of blogging – Postcards from My Miss-Adventures. The link to the book which is can be purchased:

From the frozen tundra of Illinois to the semi-frozen tundra of Alabama …

 Chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……