It is always a love – hate relationship. When it is too hot, we wish it were cooler. When it is too cold, we wish it were warmer. When it is too dry we pray for rain and when it rains we pray for sunshine. From the looks of the last couple of weeks, some of you prayed a little too much.

After two weeks of deluge I started looking out my windows to see if the animals were beginning to line up two by two. I did see two rabbits out in the front yard but that is another story. I did hear lots of hammering coming from my neighbors’ house which got me a little more concerned … only to realize that he was doing some renovations.

The good news  is it appears that, for most of the country, it is soon to be over and the brutal heat is not far behind (bad news). What happened to spring?

The better news is … with all of the rain, the steams and waterfalls around the city provide some spectacular views for hikers. I took the opportunity on two occasions to get out and hike the state park and the Land Trust ( The image is from Monte Sano State park ( The park offers many wonderful sites and when the water is running the waterfalls and creeks are spectacular.

Monte Sano Waterfall

As luck would have it, I start another journey and I am will be on the road again… If you need me, I an no further away than a phone call or an email.

Have a great week!
~ dK ~