Good morning to you all! I hope that all of the rains did not dampen your weekend spirits. I am on the road, heading home from a weeklong shooting trip to Florida where the rains and thunderstorms chased me from coast to coast.

This past week I found myself in Pensacola, Tampa and West Palm Beach. Most of you would say not a bad gig and have little sympathy for me but as they say, “someone has to do it!” The weeklong trip included photo shoots, visits with friends and dealing with some final aspects of my parents house. All in all, other then dealing with the constant threat of rain, it was a wonderfully fast and furious week.

The majority of my shoot time was spent in West Palm where I had an editorial assginment for a good friend and client. Between dodging rain storms and avoiding the aftermath of heat and humidity we did find a few pleasing moments to get out and capture the landscape. One evening we had given up all hope of seeing the sunset when the clouds suddenly parted, allowing for the sun’s red rays to burst through and then as quickly as it had appeared it disappered.


On the last day of my east coast trip, we took the opportunity to run up to Stuart, Fl. to visit a nautical museum called the House of Refuge at Gilberts Bar. The historical structure, dating back to 1876, and is the only one of 10 designated for housing shipwreck sailors still standing. These Life-saving stations were constructed along the coast to assist shipwreck victims who survived and found their way to shore. You can find out more about the heritage of this maritime structure at

Seeing the building brought back very fond memories of the Outer Banks and the life saving stations that dotted the coastal landscape there. ENJOY!!!


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