A week into the New Year and I find myself traveling through my third state. As has been the case for the past few years I began my year on the west coast and slowly find my way back to Alabama, usually traveling home the day that the National Championship is played. It appears that it may have become a “winning” formula and I hope the tradition continues…. RTR!!!

Ringing in the New Year with dear friends is always a welcomed opportunity and San Diego is one of my favorite cities to celebrate it in. My trip to the city is part business, part social, part photographic road tripping and full time sheer enjoyment. San Diego has to be one of my all time favorite cities to photograph. The city, with its majestic skyline, is bordered on two sides by the bay and is made up of a magnitude of skyscrapers, each offering its very own individual iconic signature.


As you travel in and around the city you will find there is an abundance of things to do and places to see. The city has something to offer on every corner and there is no shortage, on display, of how much they embrace and cherish their rich history. All one has to do is take a day to walk through Old Town to get a true sense of what the early settlers found and subsequently established that is now the rich and founding heritage of the city.


It did not take very long for the word to spread that San Diego was a city of the future and many found their way there to discover the youthful presence and magical attraction that the city is so well known for now. It became a playground for the rich, the beautiful and the famous. Many heard the call of the ocean but the whispers of solitude beckoned them to the hallowed grounds of one now infamous resort, the Hotel Dell on Coronado Island. There possibly is no greater treasure on the west coast then the “DELL” and no greater establishment that maintains so many of the secrets of the rich, the powerful, the famous. ENJOY!!!!!


We all are looking forward to new beginnings in 2013, so please do keep us in mind for any upcoming photographic assignments. As well, give thought to our vast collection of stock imagery which can be found at either of our two web locations –  http://www.dk-studio.com or http://store.hwy12photoarts.com. for any of your art or editorial needs.

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Best Regards ….Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~