A very happy Monday morning to you all! I hope that you had a joyous weekend and now sitting down to that cup of coffee or that early Monday morning staff meeting that you all so look forward to.

Last week I put out a little teaser buy saying, “You may have noticed that there is a slightly different “look” to this week’s blog. I am in the midst of rebranding my logo and the look of my website.” With much procrastination over the past few weeks, months and year I am proud to announce I have a New Look, a New Logo and a NEW Web design! Many thanks to Joshua Smith with True Source Entertainment for all he has done to push me forward (www.truesourceent.com)

The new look, logo and web design have been a long time coming in my mind but like giving birth, it took longer than expected for me. It is like getting a breath of fresh air and it could not come at a better time.

One of the things I am truly excited about is my new business card. Josh and I were able to come together and brainstorm a design that fits with my current business model and all the travel that is involved. The card is based on the old postcards design and was fresh in my mind after finding a collection of them in my parent’s house. I think it is the perfect fit!


I would hope that you take an opportunity to take a look at the new design and tell me what you think – www.dk-studio.com

ENJOY!!!!!!! dK