I think it finally happened … It looked like it … it felt like it ….. Here Comes the Sun.
Not that I want to get overly optimistic but … One full day of it … It is a start.

The rain gave way just in time to welcome our biggest music weekend for the city – Big Spring Jam. I know … most of you that do not live in the city are scratching your heads and asking … Big Spring … isn’t it more like Big Fall Jam??? Well the reality of it is, the city spring where cotton was traded and shipped by canal to the Tennessee river is actually called Big Spring and we have a beautiful park that is named Big Spring Park. Our 3 day music festival is held each year on the 3rd weekend of September, the week after my birthday. You would think that they would at least have a little more consideration to host it in my honor a week earlier. For 10 years I fought the crowds for the festival foundation to capture and maintain a history of the event for future historians. I now reveal in the solitude of sitting top a city roof top, away from the crowds and capturing the beauty and spectacle of the event from an elevated venue while listening to the beat from three stages.

If I could just get a vendor to stop by every now and then with a foot long corn dog (mustard please), a funnel cake and a cold beer. Life would be oh so good!!!!

JAMM’n the night away, Huntsville, Al.

Huntsville Big Spring Jam

Have a great week!
~ dK ~