A very happy Monday morning to you. I hope you were able to make the most out of this absolutely gorgeous weekend.

It was another stellar weekend for Huntsville and record crowds came out to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the Whistle Stop BBQ festival. There is nothing more frustrating than to walk the rows of tents while the teams are preparing their entries for the competitions, being taunted by the amazing aroma’s coming from each and every BBQ smoker. Of course the trick is to know someone or just stand there till they fill sorry for you and offer you a taste. I guess I must have had on my best sad face because BBQ was king on this weekend. Hand me another napkin please!

I split my time between three cities this weekend chasing one of my all time favorite blues artists, KebMo. Friends and I bought tickets months ago to travel to Chattanooga on Friday night to catch him play and the show was so amazing I just had to find my way down to Birmingham on Sunday evening to feed my blues addiction with a 2nd session. If you have never heard him play he is a cross between Bill Withers, George Benson, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy. The endearing thing about KebMo is his honesty and sincerity with his connection to his audience with his music. One thing about KebMo, he just has a way of “Curing the Blues!” I think I am ready for round #3!


When I wasn’t out chasing BBQ or the blues, I was able to find a little time to get out and enjoy the weather that was very spring like this past week. With the rains we had the previous week and the cold front that came through, it made for some spectacular sunsets and roaring rivers. I drove by a couple of my “go to” places and was able to capture a couple of captivating moments.


I really do enjoy my time out in nature and my love for sunsets and water is well documented. I find the tranquility of both to be very therapeutic. I hope you do as well. ENJOY!!!!!


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Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~