Good Day from the Glitz and Glitter capital of the world – Las Vegas! I took a little road trip over the weekend to attend the opening of an International Juried Art Show that one of my photographs had been awarded a “Best of Show”. Of course, the better part of the weekend was spent hanging with friends in the bitter heat of the mid-summer on the strip. Note to self – wait until the fall or spring to come back to Vegas.

As much as I was totally stoked about having one of my photographs juried into the art exhibition, I think I was more excited about getting to spend sometime with a few close friends that I had not seen in a while. I use to come out to Vegas at least once a year to instruct at a photo workshop but with priorities changing I have not been part participating for a couple of years.

With all my friends in tow we attended the opening night of the gallery show and unfortunately the show did not measure up to its billing and after one evening we decided we had seen all we could see and I had reaped all the reward of being an out of town artist. So with the art boxed checked, we decided to get out and enjoy the spectacle of all the living art Vegas has to offer and the rest of the weekend was spent doing what you do in Vegas, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city and enjoying a few adult libations.

One of the newest visual oddities in Vegas is the High Roller “Ferris wheel” that looks like some galactic alignment of Space ships invading the city. The Ferris wheel takes 45 minutes to make one round trip so drinks are more in line that thrills. From a photographers perspective you could spend the better part of the day shooting every angle that the attraction has to offer. We were there so long that a security guard came by just to ask what we were doing. Once he provided all the reasons why we should not be there, my friends offered the southern trump card that I was from “Alabama” and for some odd reason that seemed to ease his curiosity. Like some form of the jedi mind trick.

As the daylight transitions into the evening hours the city takes on a totally different look and it is purely magical! Vegas is one of those special places that no matter how many time you have been here it never loses the mystical appeal with all of the glitz and glamour of the casino lights on the strip. My goal is to always find my way out of the bars for one evening sunset and one of my favorite places to capture the evening lights is from the outer walkways of the Venetian hotel. You are magically taken to another place as you watch the city come to life and the gondolas maneuver the waterways. I never tire of shooting from that location.

Many thanks to the Four Musketeers Phil, Mark and Alan for joining me on this Vegas journey. I might add the great news for this trip is I did not lose any money. That is always a good thing. ENJOY!!!