After a full week of fabulous weather we were do for a little rain and luckily we did not experience any severe weather. I hope it was a good week and now on to June and the heat of the summer.

So many things were going on over the Memorial Day weekend that I had more than a few photographic opportunities that could have been featured in my blog. Providing a tribute to our armed forces and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country was the best and most obvious choice. It is an honor and privilege to be able to do so!

With so much happening, the one event I so look forward to when I am in town is the city of Decatur’s annual Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon classic. I was fortunate enough to be in town and even more so to be given an assignment to cover the event for one of my magazine clients. It has been a few years since I last covered the event but, like riding a horse, you never forget the sights and sounds. I think the only thing obviously different this year over previous years was my seemingly lack of agility getting in and out of the balloon basket.

It is such a joy to fly and what a wonderful spectacle to photograph from the air. I was very fortunate to be assigned to the City of Decatur’s balloon and long time pilot, Art Thrash. What a great ride!!


One of the things that I remember most from my very first trip is how serene and calming flying in a balloon is. All you hear is the sound of the ignited gas escaping into the balloon from the burners and the sounds of barking dogs if you do happen to fly over any residential area. Another fond memory is the majesty and pageantry of the balloons as they begin to fill, rise upwards and ascend skyward. It is a sight un-like anything you may ever witness and well worth getting up before the crack of dawn to capture. Once skyward, the view is spectacular, flying along at the whim of the winds and the expertise of the pilot. It is a flight that you wish would last for hours as you crisscross the skies with all of the other balloons.

The one other event well worth coming out to view is the Balloon Glow, an event held in the evening where the tethered balloons glow from the light of the ignited burners, looking like huge candles in the sky. It is a magical moment to behold. Many thanks to Ken Garner, Art Thrash, Cathy Wahl and the rest of Alabama Jubilee family for all of their assistance in making my flight so successful; you go up, you come down safely – it is a success!!! ENJOY!!!!!


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