A very happy Monday morning to you. What an exceptional weekend in the neighborhood it was! It was one of those April weekends that had so many activities offered to do then items on a Chinese buffet.

A few weeks back I received an assignment from a regional magazine to head over to Florence to photograph the owner and the staff of an auto “brokerage”. Just not any dealership, Trissl Sports Cars is a very unique company that brokers exclusively in “collectible Porsches” to astute Porsche owners and collectors. While I was there I found out that they were hosting a Porsche rally this past weekend, the Third Annul Uber Region Fest. I thought what very unique opportunity it would be to view and photograph the ultimate in automobile racing royalty. So I enticed my best friend Phil Sowder to go over with me, riding in style in his very yellow 911 SC Porsche


I have had a love and admiration for high performance vehicles since my early childhood. My next-door neighbor, David White, was an IMSA sports car race driver and owned a very elite car garage for high performance vehicles. I remember as young boy getting my first look and my first rides in vehicles that he brought home to “test”. As I grew older I was offered the opportunity to join him at many of the racing events he attended. I generally went in and got the up-close and personal view with a “pit pass” as part of the team. That is where my love of high performance vehicles, racing and photography grew! Much to my surprise, in talking to one of the owners I mentioned Dave White and he was very familiar with him and his racing.


So, to say the least it was a spectacular weekend that brought back very fond memories and provided more than enough car envy to last me a lifetime. There was a Porsche of every color, every make and every model to fit the viewer’s satisfaction but very few that would fit the general buyers wallet. One of the rarest and might I add, most valuable Porsche (actually two) showing on property that day was a 918 Spyder, valued somewhere around the mere price of over $ 1,000,000.00. Not too shabby to drive down to the five and dime store to pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.



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~ dennis keim ~