Last year around this time the coastal Northeast was dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Ida. There was massive flooding caused by the huge surf and gale force winds from the tropical storm which the media affectionately named Nor-Ida (nor-easter).

Fast-forward one year and the Northeast finds itself once again dealing with the leftovers from Tropical Storm Tomas. I have yet to hear the term Nor-Tomas and luckily the storm has not caused near the damage its November sister did a year ago.

The one great thing about these storms is the huge swells it creates and with that comes the pageantry of surfing. The North Carolina coast and specifically the Outer Banks is known internationally for its surf and last week was no exception for why it is such a popular east coast destination. The surf was large, the tubes went forever and the surfers were out in record numbers.

Here are a few shots taken at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse where the surf was “cooking” and the “brahs” were totally “smokin”. The locals called it  “wicked”!

Lighthouse Surfing

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