A very cold and spooky Monday morning to you all. It appears that Mother Nature has decided to fast forward and let us get a little taste of what winter may have in store for us.

We are one day away from one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Halloween. Halloween has become a day that is no longer just a day of frivolity for children but has become a huge day of for adults dressing up and participating. As a child, I cannot think of a day that I looked forward to more then Halloween except for Christmas. It was the one day of the year that allowed me to live out my superhero fantasies and pit myself against other villains to vie for sweet bounty.

With Halloween coming on a Tuesday this year, it gave ghouls and goblins a full weekend to get the party started. And there is no doubt that they were out in full force to participate in the many contests and parties that were hosted to celebrate the holiday. It is projected that in 2017 over 179 million people in the U.S. will celebrate Halloween, spending a record $9.1 billion dollars.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to create images representing the holidays and Halloween is definitely one of my favorites holidays to do so. This year I had the absolute pleasure to spend time with Nashville model Ms. Gwendolyn Sweet and have a howling good time. Given the incredible talent and beauty of this lady, the results were nothing short of amazing. Enjoy, be SAFE out there and most of all have a Happy Halloween!!