Another week of Mother Nature’s glorious beauty and fury. Snow in the Midwest and Northeast and rain in the south. I would like to know which one of you got on her bad side!!!???

I finally was able to make my way out of Nashville and slide right into Norfolk along with 6 inches of snow. After a little journey taking in the sights, I headed south to the Outer Banks – the beach.  Of course, the week ahead called for more Snow and more Rain. How wonderful winter is.

I must say for a Florida boy with deep ties to Alabama (now), I have seen more than my fair share of snow this winter. Which is all good … no sliding into ditches, no fender benders but more importantly, some wonderful photographic opportunities.  I am always like a kid in a candy store when it comes to snow and my friends all give me the “look” and ask how many times did my mama drop me on my head when I was a child. Not enough I reply!!!

While visiting Williamsburg during a recent “snow expedition” I marveled at the beauty of the city, with it’s rich history and colonial architecture. I looked at the many structures, still inhabited and operational, left from our founding fathers and thought what stories those buildings must hold, especially the taverns! As I wandered through the many streets I came across a very large tree with wooden benches placed in a semi-circle around its trunk. I wondered, with its limbs stretching out as if beckoning one and all to sit, who might have accepted the invitation and sat on theses benches before me. Was it a place where our founding fathers sat and listened to debate or where school children came to expand their knowledge? Could it have been a place where the community gathered for musical enrichment or where the locals came to discuss the current days topic?

No matter what the reason or what might have taken place I realized it was a welcome spot for all who wished to rest their feet. Do they also wonder, as I did, who might have sat on the very bench years before me. The tree still beckons to come, sit and listen.

Williamsburg Tree

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I would be remiss if I did not end this with – “WHO DAT?”
Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and their SuperBowl Win!!!!