I would hope that most were able to get out and enjoy this fabulous spring type weather we were experiencing over the weekend and avoid the thunderous rains we experienced last night.

For me this past weekend turned into a photographers dream. I had two commercial shoots, one photographing an up and coming hip-hop artist from the area who is all of fifteen and goes by the artist name JBass.  As we would say, he is cooler than cool! Then I was off to the airport to photograph the arrival of the newest plane in the Panalpina cargo fleet, the Boeing 747-8. With either of those two shoots, a photographer could have called it a day, but I had a little free time between shoots. So I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, while in the mooresmill area, to visit the North Alabama Railroad Museum. The Museum is located in the Chase Industrial Park area in Huntsville, Al. and is a visual wonder for train enthusiasts.

The day was perfect with blue skies and beautiful puffy clouds. So I thought why not!! Of course to me it screamed Black and White (Infrared).

There are so many incredible aspects related to the old railroad cars and I realized that one photo could just not do it justice. So I thought why not try and capture the essence of the museum in a collage.  You can learn more about the museum by visiting the web site – www.northalabamarailroadmuseum.com


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Best regards – dK