Merry Christmas to you one and all!!! If you are counting, we have 10 days left before the Jolly Fella in Red makes his yearly trek, leaving gifts under the Christmas tree. I hope you have been good enough to get everything you have wished for.

As a child, it never really felt like the holiday season until the Christmas tree went up and was decorated. I remember how meticulous my Mother was about placement of the ornaments and year after year it became our tradition. Mother never seemed to be too concerned about the presents under the tree or at least that was the appearance she portrayed. One Christmas evening I woke up early to find my mother under the tree shaking a present. I startled her so bad that she knocked the tree over. We spent the better part of that evening redecorating. I would guess like most that decorating the tree is a family tradition.


It appears that Huntsville has it’s own tree decorating tradition now in it’s fourth year of holiday celebration. The Downtown 47, a non-profit organization that promotes social and economic vitality in the city, originally started the festive event in Big Spring Park in 2011. This year the activity is in the good hands and under the direction of Downtown Huntsville, Inc. whose charter is promoting downtown Huntsville through unique events, promotions and redevelopment. Each tree is decorated by a sponsor which includes local businesses, non profit organizations, churches, families or school groups that pay a fee to do so.


The free event which was originally showcased on the west side of Big Spring Park has become so popular that it has expanded to both sides of Monroe street covering over a ¼ mile of holiday artistry. With over 215 decorated trees it is the largest display to date. The event is so expansive now that it can no longer be documented from one photographic location but requires multiple locations to do it justice. Thanks to Fuqua & Partners Architects and the Mayors office for their assistance in helping me to capture the Holiday spirit of dowtown Huntsville.

Merry Christmas to you one and all!!!


Merry Christmas and May God Bless you and keep you safe during the holidays ….. Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising and Editorial.

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