Here comes Santa Claus, Hear Comes Santa Claus Right down Santa Claus Lane! 7 days and counting until Good Ole Jolly Saint Nick arrives. I hope you all have been very very good or as the case may be – somewhat naughty and are looking forward to the time you will spend with family and friends over the holidays.

Every holiday season for the past 5 years Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL. lights up to a spectacular display of hundreds of decorated Christmas Trees. Individuals, civic groups and corporations in the spirit of community and recognition of a wonderful tradition of the holiday decorate the trees. Each year the display has moved slightly further east in the park until it can move no further and finds itself firmly “planted” in Big Spring Park east. I was fortunate enough to make two separate trips downtown to capture the city in full display of its holiday spirit.

On the second evening photographing the Tinsel Trail, Mother Nature treated me to a visual spectacle. While watching the sun setting in the west, an almost full moon began to rise in the east through a red haze of clouds that were reflecting the suns last hues. The sunset was one of those truly amazing winter scenes but I can honestly say that I have never seen the moon quite like this.

The scene was so breathtaking that I could not decide which I wanted to photograph more so I ran from side to side capturing one while looking back over my shoulder at the other. It was like watching a beauty competition where the sun and the moon vied for attention and neither was going to be outdone. I am so very glad to have had a front row seat.

It was an amazing start to the evening and I had to catch my breath knowing that I was still in for a treat as I began to prepare to capture the city in its entire holiday splendor. As the moon continued to rise, the Christmas lights began to twinkle and once again the city began to spring to life with the spirit of the holiday season. No matter what vantage point you view the display from it is a holiday celebration that the city should be very proud of. As a photographer it is one of my favorite times to capture the city and I think the images speak volumes. The only thing left if to try and capture Santa as he does a fly by over the city.

Christmas is a time of year that we should take a moment to give thanks for all that we are truly grateful for. I think there is no greater gift then the time we share and the memories we create with family and friends. When unwrapped, those memories are the true gifts of Christmas!

To Bob and Lucy Keim – Tis the season – You are missed!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – Ho Ho Ho!!!
….. dK