Happy Monday to you all. As luck and Mother Nature would have it, it was just another southern weekend with the potential threat of rain. We were actually tossed a keeper even though the weatherman had suggested the possibility of rain on Saturday.

It was, by most all accounts, a female music kind of weekend. Huntsville’s very own Amy McCarley (http://www.amymccarley.com) debuted her new CD, backed up by the Nashville based Kenny Vaughan Trio, on Friday night at Straight to Ale. A long time friend and Blues icon, Debbie Bond  (http://www.debbiebond.com), made a rare appearance coming to Huntsville on Saturday evening playing at Bandito Southside. During the Alabama blues hey-day we chased Debbie and her band all over the south. Both artists put on exceptional shows showcasing their individual style of music. But it was the third music event that I attended this weekend that really caught my eye, so to speak.

You see, the Land Trust of North Alabama was hosting their first of three 2013 jazz concerts (the 8th in the series) at the Historical Three Caves property with jazz vocalist Annie Sellick. For those of you that have attended a concert or their signature fundraiser, Moon Over Three Caves, you are aware of just how magical an event can be at the caves. For those that have not, you get the idea that something mystical is about to happen as soon as you walk in to the property. The moment you begin to top the trail hill you feel the faint chill of cold air, emanating from the caves, begin to bathe you. As you proceed to head down the trail the caves come in to view and there is no doubt you realize that you are about to be part of something incredibly wonderful. As you settle into your chairs with your food and libations, the lights that illuminate the caves begin to prominently appear on the walls and you cannot help but, take a deep breathe and sit back in awe of the view in front of you. And all of this before the first cord is played or the first vocal is sung.


I was fortunate enough to be on the LT Board of Directors for six years and along with other board members help push development of the concert series. As chairman of the first concert, I remember my anxiety as the lights came on for the first time and the female songstress, Robinella, began to sing. Once the music started and I was able to finally take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, I realized just how magical and mystical this setting was. I have no doubt that all in attendance on the inaugural night, were in awe of the venue. Most home grown attendees when asked about the caves mentioned having visited as kids but few had returned as adults, until now.

We Huntsvillians are so extremely fortunate to have a venue such as Three Caves so close to the city and one that is so unique as a social venue for the community. I believe once you have attended an event at the caves you will come away with the same emotion and euphoria that I did. It is an experience of a lifetime and as long as the Land Trust continues to have success, it will be an emotional experience that you will be able to relive time and time again.

Make a difference, find out more and get involved, join the Land Trust and assist with their mission to save green space. As important, come reap in the rewards of their stewardship and be awed at one of the most unique concert venues you will ever witness. Information about the Land Trust and their future concerts can be found at www.landtrustnal.org.

Once you have visited, you will leave a different person! Well at least until the cool air has left caressing your back as you top the hill departing the property.

“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes!”     ENJOY!!


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Best Regards …..
~ dK ~