Another week in Huntsville and just a dusting of snow. How beautiful it was .. how fast it left us. Being a Florida boy I never tire of the beauty of snow. Can you have snow without the cold?

You know there is beauty and art in everything that surrounds us. There are those that instantly see it and appreciate the beauty and those that pass it by without notice.

While visiting friends in California, I noticed a display of glasses on their table top with the morning sun beaming through the kitchen blinds.

I just had to grab a camera and see if the emotion of the moment matched the reality of my vision. What do you think?

In the end I chose to tone it for a more pleasing effect.


How beautiful was the simplicity of the moment. If I had walked past and not given thought to photographing it I would have most likely lost the opportunity, for tomorrow is another day.

Life is kind of like that … we sometimes allow the the beauty of the moment to escape us rationalizing that we will appreciate it tomorrow. Today … really is the day!!!

~dK ~