I write you this morning from Las Vegas, Nevada where I am instructing at a photographic workshop. They call it the city that never sleeps, that must be why I feel so tired!

Vegas has a lot to offer with its beautiful skyline and bright lights. But when we generally are here we spend most of our days outside the city at beautiful or unusual locations with a large group of mentors, models and aspiring photographers. We are here to help them up their game, improve the models portfolios and teach photographers new ways to “see light!”

Two hours outside the city there is an old mining complex affectionately called “The Ruins”. It is an abandon complex, left to the weather the test of time. But it has found a new calling, a place where photographers travel with models to photograph in the decay against a beautiful desert mountain landscape. No one is sure of the exact history of the mine but it really does not matter. What does matter is it has left its mark on many a photographers’ vision.

The Ruins have provided us many years of photographic opportunities and when you add the beauty of an exceptional model in the precise location, magic can happen. It feels like hitting the jackpot. Enjoy!!!

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Best regards ………. dK