Mother Nature threw us a curve ball of severe weather to start last week off and then treated us to a home run of beautiful weather and stunning sunsets. The stellar weather was most likely her form of an apology.

Last Tuesday I was heading up to Nashville to pick up a good friend of mine when he called to say his plane had been delayed for a couple of hours. So I am like, Great, with a beautiful day to drive and now time on my hands to kill, I slowed down to do what I love to do most, “photographic road tripping.” It is the art of total distraction driving in pursuit of a photographic visual awakening.

So as I head Hwy 53 towards Ardmore I pass this site I have passed hundreds of times, over many years, always thinking that it would be a cool place to shoot. But I never passed by with time to spare or when it was the  “right moment”. It was surely destiny that my friends plane was delayed because, as I turned around and approached the property, I realized my day had finally come.

The old homestead, with its many rows of barren orchard trees standing as sentry’s guarding the barn, is left with only twin fireplaces as a reminder of what once was. The trees surrounding the fireplaces were in their early stages of spring bloom with a new coat of fresh green leaves. It was the perfect time with the perfect lighting and the perfect moment. It was as if all my years of passing by had been set-aside for this precise moment in time.

It is a scene that is continually disappearing across the landscape of the south and has all but disappeared in most other regions of the country. It is the remnants of our ancestral heritage and the memories that accompany, fading into the limelight of our families’ heritages.

As I walked around the grounds looking for the prefect angle, I could not help but feel the sense of home and family that once thrived and flourished here. At that precise moment I realized that is times and encounters such as these that define us as self and give us pause to reflect on our relationships with family and friends. I wish you all fond and joyful memories.

The Old Homestead

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