A very happy Monday morning to you!

For those that live in Huntsville you know that the weather has been slightly extreme this week with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 30’s. It fits the old adages that if you do not like the weather give it a couple of days and it may just be the temperature you are looking for. And if you have paid any attention to news you might have heard that the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is in town.

Of course the show I am referring to for this week’s blog is not the Barnum and Bailey but rather the circus of beauty, color and people that invaded downtown Huntsville and Big Spring Park. With the first days of spring, the Cherry Blossoms were parading in full bloom and putting on a show that may not be “the greatest show on earth” but was the best local show on earth.


The weekdays looked like beautiful spring weekends with the thongs of people crowding the sidewalks feeding the fish and ducks as they took in the beautiful sights of the blossoming cherry trees. Blankets were spread throughout the park, dogs were out walking their owners and armies of kids were showing their parents what youth was all about. And what appears to be the most traveled bridge in Huntsville, the red Japanese bridge played host to the colorful feeding frenzy played out by the fish that are residents of the pond and the people that come to feed them.


For four days I traveled in, out, around and up and down in the park looking to capture the one or two or three images that told the story best. I traveled all over the park knowing full well that what I was looking forward to the most was the opportunity to capture the city at dusk, from an elevated view, with the park in full bloom. As I could only imagine, it was well worth the wait! The cold snap and the rain made for the perfect, if not rather cold evening to take in the city lights. And if that was not enough we did get to see some elephants as they were being paraded into the VBCC arena. All in all, I think I may just have had the perfect seat for the greatest local show on earth. Many thanks to the Embassy Suites and to Blake Hudson for going along for the ride.



All of the recent images shot of the city are available for Stock Licensing and Corporate wall art. Contact us for details. As always, keep us in mind for any upcoming photographic assignments

Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~