Happy Monday Morning! It’s been a wet week so I hope you have kept your umbrella close at hand.

With the historic Blue Moon occurring back in late January, I chose to drive around and research a couple of different locations knowing that I wanted to find an area that allowed for an iconic background and would compliment the rising full moon. One of my initial ideas was to pick a location around the airport so I went our to scout it out. While waiting for the moon to rise I could not help but notice that the setting sun was not to be out done that evening. A singular tree in the field on County Line road provided the perfect accent to compliment the pastoral scene.

As most of you know this week holds a special day for those in love. It might be the one day that causes many the most amount of anxiety trying to figure out what to do on the day and what to purchase their significant other to stay in their good graces for another year. We all know this day as Valentines Day. Originally called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint of Valentines, the day was initially for celebrating and honoring saints named Valentinus. The Valentines Day became associated with romantic love in the 14th century and in the 18th century the it evolved into its current state where lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, sending greeting cards and having romantic dinners. It is celebrated annually on February 14.

One of my favorite things, around this time of year, is to shoot Valentine oriented themed sessions. I was thrilled to have one on my favorite models and close friends join me for a holiday shoot, Ms. Nicole Leo. Nicole and I met many years ago and when time permits continue to get together. Over the many years we have had our fair share of creating great images and I would like to think that our Valentines’ shoot is just a continuation of that very wonderful tradition and friendship. Happy Valentines …. ENJOY!