Last week was a fabulous week for business and friends and I am looking forward to the upcoming week with some exciting work ahead. But I must say, after all the beautiful weather we’ve had, who left the door open so Mother Nature could slide in with another cold spell?

With all the excitement of getting to photograph the last launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery, allot of the previous weeks activities went unmentioned. The week prior to the launch I spent instructing at a workshop in Miami, Fl. All of the instructors who flew in from the Midwest and Northeast were overly enthused to be out of the snow and enjoying the Florida sunshine. We spent 3 fabulous days instructing photographers and models around South Beach, Miami Beach, Miami and Key Biscayne.

For a kid that was born in Tampa, FL. you might think that Miami would not be that big of deal. Well the truth be known, I had never driven any further south than Ft. Lauderdale during my 21 years in Florida and had move to Alabama before my I made my first venture to the Keys some years later. It seemed like I was always heading north and west for all of my vacations.

To say the least, Miami lived up to all the hype and then some. What an incredible place to photograph and I was lucky enough to find some free time to get around and capture a few different views of the skyline of the city. The best thing about the city though, were a couple of the nights out enjoying great sushi and fabulous Cuban cuisine.

I wanted to say “Thank You” to Lauren and Chris who hosted the crew during the workshop and for providing the incredible opportunity to discover one of the many spectacular views of the City!

Miami Skyline

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