Good morning to you one and all. What appeared to be the start of another spectacular weekend of beautiful weather had us questioning where did spring go? I’m guessing like most of you, I had put my coats away and was reviewing the latest array in suntan lotions when all of the sudden Mother Nature threw us another cold spell.

It was virtually impossible to stay indoors last week with the spring like weather we were experiencing. Most, if not all of the outdoor patios were packed with patrons wanting to take in every moment of the unexpected and extremely welcomed warm weather.

While attempting to enjoy this beautiful weather and not spend all of my time on patios with friends and clients, I decided to grab my cameras and chase a few days of beautiful sunsets. Of course one of my favorite things to shoot is environmental architecture and no better place to do it then the fifth largest research park in the world – Cummings Research Park.


There are so many exceptionally designed buildings that dot the landscape but none fit the bill better than the ADTRAN campus with its beautiful walkways, it’s reflection pond and the two corporate structures. These buildings are in the heart of the park and in so many ways are the visual anchors for the Huntsville research community. The great part is, at this time of day, there is a majestic serenity that each building conveys. And for that few minutes at dusk, I find myself being transported away from the hustle and bustle of what is the epitome of city life and back into a slower more peaceful time of living.

Many thanks again for the continued well wishes, it is greatly appreciated and I am progressing very well… ENJOY!!!!!


I do have a camera … awaiting your call.

Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!