If you are reading this today, then I can only assume that you survived Black Friday and needed a break from all the Black Monday ads. Bless you all for helping the economy! I hope you had a blessed weekend spending time with family and friends.

Unlike previous years, I did not travel for the Thanksgiving holiday but chose to stay home in Alabama and spend some valued time catching up and being with friends. Many thanks to Kathy and Phil for adopting me for the Turkey day and allowing me to share in their family celebration.

As I have said before, one of the hardest things about being on the road for an extended period of time is that many of the photographs that are taken, that I may consider to be home runs, never make it to the blog. It is not that I do not mind posting a few in each blog but I prefer to post something current. So the only photo I took of a turkey was the one I shot of my Thanksgiving Day plate just to remind me why I might be feeling so bloated afterwards.

As I was looking back over the hundreds of images I shot on my last trip to Florida I came across one of those jewels. That jewel was an image of a sunset set reflecting in the clouds over the Tampa Causeway. I was taken back by the many tones in the clouds reflecting in the bay. As I looked at the image I began to feel that I was losing “that bloated feeling”!

I hope it helps, ENJOY!

Now that Black Friday is behind us, it is beginning to look a lot more like Christmas!!! If you are looking for that perfect art for a Christmas gift (liked the image in this blog) look no further, we may have exactly what you need. If you have an upcoming assignment, I am asking that you please keep us in mind!!!!

Best regards ….. dK