A very happy Monday morning to you. Is it just me or does it seem like the weekends are just getting shorter and shorter?

Last weekend I took a little road trip to Tennessee and found myself in Knoxville. It has been a few years since making my way there but I do always enjoy it when I visit the city. Downtown is in redevelopment and there is a thriving nightlife with the resurgence of bars, restaurants and retail.

One of  my very first visits to the city was back in 1982 when Knoxville hosted the World’s Fair. I went with a group of NASA officials to document NASA / Marshalls Space Flight Centers participation in the 1982 Worlds Fair with a rather large exhibit. Getting the opportunity to have unlimited access to the fair, the one thing I remember I was that I extremely taken back by the Sunsphere that stood 266 ft. tall. The Sunsphere is one of the few structures that remains from the event. It has stood vacant or underutilized over the years until a redevelopment of the area started taking place with their Convention Center being built in 2001. With this visit I took an opportunity to go back and photograph the Sunsphere. It still rises above the city and can be seen as you pass the city on I-40.


My second visit to Knoxville came in the same year when I was invited to photograph the University of Alabama playing the University of Tennessee at Neyland Stadium. It was Bear Bryant’s last visit to Tennessee and ended the longest winning streak in the rivalry with the Vols upsetting the Crimson Tide after 11 consecutive losses. I must say that was not a good day to be an Alabama fan in Knoxville.

On this trip, I was amazed with the expansion of campus of the University of Tennessee that borders the Tennessee River. As much as I hate to say it, viewing Neyland Stadium and the sports complex from across the river is an extremely impressive sight.


The real reason for my trip to Knoxville was to spend time with my good friends April and Bryan Thomas. I’ve known April for many years. As a model, I have had the pleasure of capturing some of my more epic fashion images with her. This weekend was to be no exception. She showed me a few items that she had to wear and one in particular caught my attention. We went in search of the perfect location and I think we might have just set the bar a little higher for our collaborations. I will let you be the judge. ENJOY!!!!!


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