Greetings and a very good Monday morning to you all. It was another wonderful weekend in the neighberhood with fall like weather settling into the Tennessee Valley. Unfortunately, I am not sure that we are going see any of the beautiful fall colors we have seen in previous years.

While I was the chief photographer at NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center I was tasked with advancing our digital technology capabilities as part of a mandate from NASA headquarters. During those initial days, our digital choices were very limited. In 1992 Nikon and Kodak had partnered together and developed the Kodak Digital Camera System using a Nikon F3 and a huge base that included the battery and digital components. Around 1998 Kodak partnered with Canon and developed the Kodak DCS 520 (D5200) that supported a “huge” 2-megapixel file and sold for $ 28,500.00. Kodak continued to develop this line of digital cameras until 2005. As a photographer who grew up shooting Kodak Film I was somewhat skeptical on the future of photography but marveled at what digital technology had to offer. You might say I was dragged to the fight screaming.

Fast-forward to today and the current model of Canon Cameras on the digital market that offer a huge 22.3-megapixel files and sale for around $ 3,000.00. How technology had changed and how the market has changed. Once an Icon in the photography world, Kodak is no longer the poster child and basically helped start the revolution that put them out of the film and camera market. Digital technology has brought photography to the masses and has changed my profession in so many ways. There are more people today finding their way into the photography business and those of us that shot film have had to continually reinvent ourselves to not become dinosaurs and become extinct.

So just when you thought it was safe to go outside the next wave of partnering occurred on what maybe as revolutionary as the advent of the digital camera – the paring of phones with a camera. Our lives or more importantly our culture and society will never be the same. “Selfies are us” with the millenniums filling the airwaves with photographs of every moment of their lives. You can’t go to an event with out the hands in the air and the fake smiles showcasing their every move. Who could have imagined that we, the baby boomers would have see the day that phones were bought more for their computer and photography capabilities then their quality and service?

Two weeks ago I took the plunge and bought the new iPhone 7 Plus. I was very reluctant on purchasing a phone that was large enough to be considered a small tablet but once the salesman found out I was a photographer he honed in on the sales pitch and sold me on the new camera capabilities of the phone. Dual lenses, a selfie flash, an optical 2x telephoto zoom with a f2.8 aperture and a 12 Megapixel file capture. Yes 12 megapixels and I am talking about my phone. It was a game changer and I walked out of the store shaking my head as to where my passion and profession was heading.

So what does one do when they find themselves with a camera of this quality, I mean phone with a camera of this quality. You go out and find the next sunset to test it out. So I did and I must say, I am not sure where my profession will end up but I can guarantee you that my walkabouts will be so much more magical with them being documented with my new phone. It was truly amazing to see the results of the sunset shot by my – iPhone.

ET phone home and send a Selfie, ENJOY!!!


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Happy Birthday Ms. Sandra Padgett!!!!!

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