I hope today’s blog finds you in full recovery from your Turkey Day overdose. Is there anything that compares to consuming “day after” leftovers and a turkey sandwich on white bread? I think not!!!

I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to have spent the last four weeks in Florida instructing, shooting and spending quality time with my high school and college friends, as well as, a group of new found friends. I’ve borrowed couches and bedrooms and ate more then my fair share of seafood and sushi, while sharing a tale or two about the good ole days and consuming a few cold libations. I must admit it was nice to be me for the last four weeks. The list is long but many thanks to Marie, Hank, James, and Joe for taking care of me. Thanks to Chris and Valentina and David and Kelly for continually showing me what new special friendships’ are all about.

I am a creature of habit when I visit home and much of it I relive as I travel from one city to the next, retracing my childhood follies and all the experiences I had. I remember my days going from one city to the next, traveling over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. As I headed over to St. Petersburg for dinner I realized I had a little extra time on my hands so I drove over to the Bridge to see what photo possibilities may exist. Little did I know I would have the opportunity to capture something I had never been privy to before, a huge cargo ship passing through the channel and under the Bridge. It was quite an impressive sight.


With my days in the bay area coming to an end, I knew that I wanted to make one last visit to the causeway and catch one last sunset. As I beaded back over the bay bridge from my two-day visit in St. Pete I began to get the sense that this just may be the night for chasing sunsets. As I reached the bay area I took a slight detour, pulled over and found a spot to watch and capture the sunset. To say the least it was everything I had hope for and a little more. It was a fitting ending, the icing on the cake, to an exceptional road trip to the bay area.

So now, all that was left for me was to pack my gear, point the hood of my H3 north and head to Sweet Home Alabama. Enjoy and RTR!!!!


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Best regards ………. dK