Good morning Monday Storm Troopers! I hope, with coffee in hand, you are looking at the week ahead with accomplishment in mind!!! So raise your cup and repeat after me, “you love me, you really do love me!” Ok, so maybe I was just a little smitten by seeing Sally Field on the Oscars last night!

This past weekend I had the delightful pleasure to head just a little north to one of my favorite cities, Nashville and be part of the diversion for a surprise birthday party for a very dear friend of mine, Rick Duvall. I would like to say if was a very well laid out plan with a lot of intricate detail to keep him guessing but since he does not like to recognize his birthday not much detail went into the secret planning. The plan basically entailed going out on the town bar hoping and at a some point during dinner we would finally bring up the topic of his birthday. I am glad to say he had absolutely no clue and therefore, we did good! SURPRISE!!!!

As the night progressed and unbeknownst to me there was yet another surprise to be revealed and not of my doing. Rick indicated to me, if I were willing and able to get up for it, there were two pew seats that would be awaiting us the following morning. Prior to our friendship and business relationship, Rick had been one of the Pastors at the Mt. Juliet Abundant Life Church and he had been invited back to attend their 30th anniversary celebration. I must admit, even though we both come from very religiously based families, it seems that neither of us had occupied a pew in quite sometime so there was a bit of anxiety on both of our parts about attending, especially after a large night of birthday frivolity. I assume that sometime during one of the many toasts that evening I agreed to accompany him, so the next morning up we got and off we went.

Hey Ricky

It was amazing to see my friend in such a different role then I had known him and even more so to see the love and respect that was showered on him by the many parishioners that were counseled and guided by him during his pastoral tenure. As I sat in the pew I thought back to the many years as a child that I watched by father who was a minister of music in a Southern Baptist church and how that experience in many ways has shaped my life. I know my mother had to be smiling down on me with a little chuckle. It was a home coming of sorts for us both. Oh and did I mention I got to meet Ricky Scaggs who is one of the original parishioners of Ricks’ church. As they say, “Life is full of Surprises!”

“Hey Ricky” ….. ENJOY!!!!


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