It is an extremely sad day in the neighbor knowing that the last football game has been played and for this season, the pigskin has been laid to rest. I am an avid sports fan and football tops the list. I look forward to the SEC championship game, the BCS championship game and then, the grand daddy of them all, the Super Bowl. Congratulations to the World Champion Baltimore Ravens who played a “Lights Out” kind of game!!!

I want to think everyone for the wonderful comments about last weeks photograph of High Falls. It was one of those “being in the right place at the right time kind of photographic moments!’ I was pleasantly surprised at how many individuals wrote to compliment the image and to those that expressed an interest in wanting to purchase the image. Many humble thanks to you all for the wonderful compliments, the print purchase and to those that wrote to inquire about my 2013 mentoring programs. Stay Tuned!!!!!!

So how does one top the image from last week? The best you can hope for is to stay even and not go backwards. As I continue to travel and shoot, there are many occasions when I visit a location and the imagery I shoot does not make it to the “front page”. I continue to look back through my images to further enhance my stock imagery collection and this weeks image may just be one of the images that should have been on the front page and in a blog.

The image of the Bank of America building in Meza, AZ was shot during my holiday travels but was left in the “drawer”. I drive by the building almost on a daily basis while visiting and I am always taken back by the juxtaposition of the buildings architecture and the swaying Palm trees. On this day, the clouds were the final touch to the canvas.



If you are an individual or know of a group that is looking to improve their photographic skills, please do contact me mind. I can provide details on either a 1-1 mentoring program or a group workshop tailored to fit your specific needs.

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Best Regards …..Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~