I hope todays’ blog finds you doing well and weathering the chilly weather that has found it’s way to the south. I would hope, with another cup of java, it becomes a distant thought! I decided to weather the chill by adding on an additional week in Florida. I know, “Tuff Job”, but someone has to volunteer to do it!!!!

It was a little difficult coming back home to Florida this week, to the old homestead in Tampa where I grew up. The house has been vacant for two years and we have finally decided to get it ready for sale. Like most of you that have gone through the process, it is a daunting “where do I begin?” So many memories in each and every item left. A lot of those memories will find their way to my sister and her family in Arizona, some will follow me home. The rest we hope to put to good use through donations for those in need.

When visiting Tampa, I always attempt to make time to catch up with schoolmates, both high school and college and this trip has been no exception. A few nights have been spent reminiscing and laughing about the many antics that we shared together. As time marches on, I believe most of those tales continue to be revived with slight exaggerations!

On one of those visits, I found myself heading over to Sarasota and to do so I knew I was going to cross over the Sunshine Skyway, a bridge well known for it’s engineering, it’s history and it’s beauty. Knowing that I would find it difficult to pass up the photographic opportunity, I bought myself a few more minutes and pulled in to the rest area. With a fair amount of beach adjoining the stop, a traveler could easily accommodate an afternoon tan or a siesta, if they so desired. With little time to spare I decided to do what I do best.

With the sun glistening off the gulf waters a lone pelican finds solitude in its’ own singular exploration … Enjoy!!!!!

One other note, in the NFL they say, “On any given Sunday!” Living week to week with the SEC, we have come to realize it really is …. “On any given Saturday” and this past Saturday was no exception, Congrats to the new kid on the block, Texas A&M, knowing we will live for another week – Roll Tide Roll!

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Best regards ….. dK