Good morning to you all from sunny and somewhat “wintery” Huntsville, Alabama. I hope this email finds you with coffee in hand and thinking of great expectations for the coming week!!!!

After the recent snows we had, you just have to pinch yourself and ask was it all just a dream. It comes and goes in the blink of an eye while our friends to the north begun to wonder if they will ever see the ground again. My heartfelt wishes to all that continue to have to deal with the magnitude of snowstorms they have had to endure.

I would have to say that, currently, as a professional photographer the two most asked questions I get are, “How long are you in town for this time?” and “What is my most favorite thing to photograph?” My response is always, “Until the next phone call takes me somewhere” and “Whatever is currently in front of my camera lens!” After the last couple of nights of photographing sunsets, I may just have to alter the second reply a little. You see if I were not already an avid fan of sunsets, living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina probably made me an “addict!” I was out every night chasing the evening light. When I re-settled in Huntsville, I did not lose the fever of chasing light but I did need to rethink the process since I would no longer had access to the beach or the ocean.  I have realized that no matter where I am, I still am drawn to find and include some form of body of water to fulfill my “visual desire!”

The good news for me and hopefully for those that follow my blog is, Alabama has great sunsets and Huntsville in particular has a few wonderful locations that may include an iconic structure along with some body of water. Cummings Research Park and more specific, the campus and Corporate Headquarters of ADTRAN offer just that. Like the Outer Banks, I continue to be drawn back to those areas I know work well! On the days like this capture sunset, when it works, it REALLY works!!!

I truly believe there is no better way to satisfy my “visual craving” and put myself in a better place then seeing GOD’s designated artist, Mother Nature, paint another incredible scene across the heavenly skies. It just makes the day “All Right by Me!”  ENJOY!!!!!!


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“Have iPhone, will iTravel!!”

Best Regards …..