Hello and a very happy Monday morning to you all! Other than then the humidity, it was another gorgeous weekend in the neighborhood. But what is new, it is summer in Alabama.

I spent most of last week traveling back and forth to a few model shoots in Tennessee thanks to a very good friend of mine, Doug Smith. In doing so Doug has shown me a few of his favorite shoot locations, one of which was a sunflower field in Winchester, TN. As much as I love shooting fashion and models it was difficult not to be drawn to the singular beauty of the sunflowers.

Doug had mentioned that the sunflowers were nearing an end and would I interested in coming up to assist him with some technical aspects of shooting a model outdoors in harsh light. Knowing that the model was one of my favorites, Jessica White, I jumped at the opportunity.

When I was not assisting or shooting Jessica, I spent my time in the field looking for the “perfect” sunflower! Although the fields were in their final days there was still an abundant amount of flowers worthy of being photographed.

It was an amazing to walk through the fields of yellow. Many of them were in use with bees enjoying the nectar and pollen mother lode . The bees go from flower to flower, becoming covered in pollen and then they pollinate other sunflowers as they go plant to plant.

Whether model or just flowers it was a beautiful day to be outside and having fun with friends. Although the season for these sunflowers is over I am already looking forward to returning to the fields next year.