Good Morning to you all. I hope you weathered the rain soaked weekend and were able to find a dry spot.

We hear it over and over again but the old saying fits with Labor Day coming up, “Where did the summer go?” We are just a few days away from putting an exclamation mark on the remaining days of summer and looking to the fall with the expectation of cooler temperatures.

When I lived in the Outer Banks, Labor Day weekend was the last weekend for the onslaught of tourists and the weekend that we hoped to do a major portion of our retail business. After that, the roads became easier to navigate and the grocery store aisles opened up. Statistics indicate it is one of the most heavily traveled weekends of the year.

I haven’t made it down to the coast this year as much as I would have liked to but I do plan on making up for it in the next couple of months when finding a peace of heaven all to your self becomes a little easier! For those that are traveling this week, I say “safe travels” and try not to get your burn on!!!!!! Go find your personal space with that umbrella.



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Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~