For me, last week was somewhat surreal as I reflected back on the previous week and what could have been a disastrous event for those living on the Outer Banks. Luckily, for the residents and tourists, Hurricane Earl spared the coast and a week later little is left to remind us of its potential fury. It is as if it were all just a dream. This week the Outer Banks is experiencing weather that could be termed “fall like” or better yet … Football weather!

There is, unfortunately, one significant reminder of the effects of the hurricane and that is the damage to one of the icons of the area, the Frisco Fishing Pier.  For most fishermen visiting the area, the Frisco Pier had provided an ample platform to get out past the surf to fish and for visitors it has been the backdrop for thousands of photographic memories.  The pier had extensive damage from Hurricane Isabel in 2003 but was repaired only to find itself with further damage from more recent nor’easters.  It had been closed to the public while the owners, the National Park Service and the local community leaders attempted to negotiate a game plan for it’s repair. It is possible that with Earls’ visit, the final blow may have occurred.

I sat along with hundreds of others the night before Earl’s powerful winds found their way to OBX and watched as the waves pounded the fragile structure.  The after effects of the winds and waves battering the pier were very noticeable up and down the beach as huge beams and piles of wood littered the area on Friday. Many saw it as the end to an incredible icon that had provided memories for generations of families that lived here as well as visited.

The bad news is the pier suffered extensive damage and is missing the end along with two additional prominent sections. The good news is, in spite of the onslaught of winds and surf, it may be weak and battered but it still stands majestic and proud.

A shot of the pier as the sun rise pays tribute from the east.

Frisco Pier

I would be remiss if I did not mention …… “Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!?!?!?!?”

I hope you have a great week and that if you have any photographic assignments coming up, do not hesitate to contact me for my assistance.

Best wishes ……….