For those receiving the dK-blog for the first time or for those loyal readers … come out of hibernation …. Spring has sprung and the grass is here.

One of the joys of living in Huntsville is we have Spring … well Big Spring … year round. For those that have not visited, Big Spring Park is one of the scenic icon of the city’s skyline.  Big Spring Park, at one point in history, was the hub of commerce and trade for the city. How amazed might the “Huntsvillian’s” of the past, find the city’s skyline of today. How surprised visitors are when they visit and see the beauty of the city. For me, it is always a visual pleasure to capture the place I call …… “home!”

The view of the Huntsville’s city skyline was taken last week on one of my “pictorial explorations!”  The dramatic sky was provided by the spring fury of Mother Nature!

Huntsville Downtown Dusk

I hope you have a great week!

~ dK ~