Spring has sprung and it is visibly and physically apparent that we have sprung forward leaving winter in the rear view mirror. Hopefully summer will hold off for a while so we can actually get to enjoy a little more of what the beauty and temperatures of what spring has to offer.

The last two weekends in the city have been absolutely gorgeous. They were most definitely the type of weekend that the 8-4 weekday workforce dreams about all winter long. Everywhere around the city, you could see people out enjoying and taking advantage of the weather. It is like we all have come out of hibernation.

One place that was most noticeable for a plethora of spring activity was downtown Huntsville. People were taking to Big Spring Park like it was a huge island of relief where they all had come to escape the memories of winter. The park is an oasis within the city. It is one place where we can all come together as a city.

So like everyone else, I found myself migrating down to the park to enjoy a stroll and take in the view.  What a beautiful view our – small time all grown up – city has to offer.  And for those paying attention we had the additional pleasure over the weekend of getting to witness a perigee moon. The Full moons appearance of rare size and beauty (14% larger and 30% brighter) is due to its close proximity to the earth – 31, 000 miles closer. WHOA!

But of course, the real beauty is seeing the city in a panorama of its entire spring splendor.

Huntsville Downtown at Dusk

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